Wood Boiler Systems

Wood boilers are great to use in both homes and small businesses. When you are doing the research into find the manufacturer to buy through you will want to look for a unit that is efficient, how much you will spend to keep it running, how durable it is, and what type of impact it will have on the environment.

It is important to understand that each manufacturer will base the units on these different specifications and platforms. Other things they will keep track of are how safe they are to use and how affordable they are in various homes and businesses. To help with this you need to be aware of the different brands to look at.


Mahoning makes outdoor wood boilers. They are ideal to use for people who are allergic to the smoke, fumes, and fuel created by a wood boiler. This will help to get rid of any hazards and toxic gas build up that might be created and will decrease the risk of any fires.

One portion of the unit will work to heat up the home and the water supply without wasting any energy. When you buy it, the unit will be ready to hook up to the existing system. The greatest thing about these is that they are designed to use both wood and natural gas to fuel it. When one has run out the unit will switch to the other portion so that it never stops working. It can use coal, oil, wood, gas, and propane.

Wood Master

This manufacturer will offer units that can be used as the primary heating system or can be connected to the existing system in the home or small business. The boilers are made to be efficient and will produce more usable heat using affordable fuel sources.

They are compatible with many heating system that include, hot water, forced air, and radiant baseboards. They sell wood and pellet boiler and use electronic temperature controls and ice melting system.