Oil Boiler Systems

There are many different types of boilers that can be used in homes and businesses. One of the more common to use is the oil boiler system. The more modern units are considered to be some of the most energy efficient. Many people are under the impression that using oil as the primary fuel is not the most friendly choices when it comes to the environment.

It is true that the gas boiler can be safer to use if this is a concern that you have – but oil is not horrible. As long as you perform regular maintenance you will be secure in knowing that the unit is clean and nothing damaging is being expelled into the air. The oil boiler system is used to provide hot water on the spot and is best used in small homes.

How It Works

Oil boilers are made up of two main parts; the combustion chamber and the water tank that sits beneath the combustion chamber. There are a number of water circulation pipes, a water pump, and an oil supply pipe that run from it.

The oil will go into the combustion chamber and run to the burners. From there the water will be heated while inside of the water tank. The water pump will push the hot water from the tank and into the pipes that run to the radiators throughout the building. The cooled off water will be sent back to the boiler to be reheated.


There are a number of different brands that you are able to choose from. Gather estimates of the top brands. The price will vary depending on how large it needs to be, what brand makes it, and what features it has. The most basic features that you want to have include:

  • A room thermostat that is installed inside of the building.
  • A thermostatic radiator valve.
  • Electric thermostat that controls the radiant and water heat.
  • Thermometer on the water tank.
  • Auto shut off.