Hydronic Boiler Systems

Hydronics is a type of technology that uses water as a heat transfer medium in heating and cooling systems. The most common system that uses this technology are the hot water and steam boilers. In the larger commercial buildings this system will be made with a chilled and heated water loop. This helps to make it useful for both heating and air conditioning.

The cooling towers are used separately or together to cool off water and the boiler is used to heat the water. The chiller boiler system was made recently as a way to make it more efficient to use in homes and smaller businesses.

When used in homes the water loop can be just a single pipe that carries the flow through every radiator zone in a loop. In this type of system the flow to an individual radiator is not able to be modulated while the water is flowing through all of the radiators in that zone.

A more complicated system will use a main pipe that will flow constantly around the zone. The individual radiators will tap off a small area of the slow in the main pipe. With these systems the individual radiators may be modulated. This means that several loops with several radiators can be installed.

In a steam system the individual radiators are made with a thermostatic bleed valve. When at room temperature the valve will open the radiator leading to the air. As the hot steam comes into the radiator and pushes the contained air out, the valve heats and will close. This will prevent the steam from escaping out into the room.