Hurst Electric Boilers

When choosing a new boiler you want to make sure that you are using something that is affordable and going to last you for many years. There are a number of companies that you can work through. One of the most popular is Hurst.

Hurst has been supplying gas, wood, and oil boilers for more than thirty-four years and has over a thousand customers. They understand the need to have a product that is efficient at providing people with hot water and central heating for their home. They als provide their customers with blowdown separators, pressurized feed water tanks, surge tanks, stacks, and steam accumulators.

The engineers employed with this company will research the wants of the people and try to apply it to the units that they design. Through this research and analysis they have created boilers that work efficiently and help to save people money each month. They provide both domestic and industrial boilers.

4VT Cyclone Steam

One of their most popular brand is the 4VT cyclone steam boiler. This is designed with waterside openings that help make cleaning and inspecting it easier than ever. It is able to handle and swing larger loads and provide a quick recovery response than most units. The dry steam that it uses works to get rid of any excess condensation and to save on both fuel and energy.

VIX Series

The VIX series is also a popular model from Hurst. This vertical fire tube design industrial boiler uses enhanced heat transfer features that make it more efficient than the standard vertical boiler. It is completely water backed and will work for many years with little to no problems. The tubes are designed to capture and transfer the heat beyond what is normal so that it is carried farther and eliminates the need of turbulator inserts.