Combination Boilers

A combination boiler is fueled by either oil or gas. This unit will generate hot water and heating to the home. Because of its small and compact size it is more often used in smaller living spaces. This allows it to heat the space evenly and with little to no heat loss.

This is different than the average boiler that people might use. It has the ability to do two distinct things – but using only one unit. Most units will have two tanks. One will be used to hold the fuel source and the other will be used to hold the water supply.

In this particular boiler the hot water does not have to be stored in its own tank. This means that there are fewer pipes and storage cabinets to have to worry about. When something breaks replacing it will be expensive – but easy. It is also one of the reasons why it is so compact and energy efficient.

So how does it work? When it is being installed it will be connected directly to the cold water feed tank inside of the living space. It will take the cold water directly from the main water supply. Once it has the water it will heat it and distribute it directly to the pipes around the home.

There a number of benefits that this unit is able to offer to you. It helps to save the amount of money you spend on gas. It is also able to control dramatic fluctuations in water temperature. This helps to make it more efficient. Also the average combination boiler will heat the water in forty seconds or less.

There are a number of manufacturers that you could buy from. It is important to do your research and only work with someone that you will trust and that offers the unit that you want to have. Compare the energy start rating it has been given and how well it will work for the size home that you live in.