Biomass Boiler Systems

A Biomass boiler system uses special fuel that helps to reduce energy costs and stack emissions that are released into the air. Each unit is built with an environmental and energy recovery solution through the use of heat transfer technology and superior combustion. These industrial boilers are used in government and hospital buildings to provide their employees and customers with a better environment.

These come in high and low pressure steam, hot water fire tubes, water tubes, thermal fluid heaters, and hybrid boilers. The combustion systems are able to retrofit the existing fire tub and water tube boilers that will burn the Biomass fuel and save hundreds of dollars in capital cost.

Hybrid Boilers

The hybrid boiler is durable, efficient, and one of the most flexible Biomass boiler systems on the market today. It is made with a hybrid and traditional model that ranges in sizes from 150 to 1,500 HP and a steam pressure design between 15 to 250 PSIG. This system was made to promote low heat releases in the furnace and to give off low emissions when burning the Biomass fuel.

Fire Tube Boilers

The fire tube boilers are two and three pass dry back models that are sized between 150 to 600 HP and a steam pressure design between 15 to 300 PSIG. These are made with either the gasifier combustion system or with a new thermal reactor overfire air system and internal ash ram.

The larger units are designed with higher combustion levels to provide a complete burnout and cooling down of gases before the entrance that leads into the second pass tubes. The large turnaround space close to the end of the first pass will prevent any damage to the tube when being rolled and welded.

Water Tube Boilers

The water tube boiler is designed to provide a large radiant section that will help to conserve the steam supply. They are sized between 400 to 1,500 HP and have a steam pressure design between 250 to 900 PSIG. Some models are designed with superheat setting to provide higher temperatures for certain applications.

The large conservative radiant zone will have a complete ccombustion of the Biomass fuels with a heat release around 20,000 BTU. The large boiler is made with special allow that helps to scrub gases more efficiently and provide steam quicker than before. This is the most common used in industrial applications.