Biasi Boiler Systems

The Biasi Group is an Italian company that has offices in the United Kingdom. They design and produce many different types of boilers that are considered to be both efficient and ideal to use in homes and businesses. Many of the Biasi boilers that they produce are compact and made to be mounted to the wall.

They are also well known for producing combination boiler systems that will provide central heating and domestic hot water to smaller living spaces. In order to understand the type of boilers they make it first helps to know more about the company and how they got started.

The company was founded in 1938 and first began to manufacture boilers for domestic homes in 1986. Out of all of the models that they have their most common is the Riva series. This particular unit will draw heat without using any type of hot water cylinders, pipes, and tanks.

This series is made up of five different models that include the Riva Compact, Riva Compact 32KW, Riva Plus, Riva Compact HE, and the Riva Advance HE. Though each one is different they are also similar in certain areas. The most common feature that they share is that they are all compact. This allows them to be used in different areas.

A few other features that they have include an automatic boiler bypass, electric ignition, frost protection, 24 hour programmer control, and a high condensation system. Each model in this series is designed with various flue accessory options.

When you are looking for a Biasi boiler you will be confident in knowing that the unit you have will work great at heating your home evenly. This will make it more efficient and prevent a great of heat loss – which is a common problem for many units.